KidsPoolPartySg goes to Malaysia!

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On Saturday 19th March 2016, KidsPoolPartySg had the honour of going to Johor, Malaysia to conduct a pool party Lara’s 7th birthday. Lara is the daughter of Tunku Teh.

Actually, this is not the first time we’re conducting a pool party for Tunku Teh. In November 2014, we did a pool party for her son Mahmood’s birthday at Hyatt Hotel Singapore. We felt honoured and humbled that she remembered us fondly, and liked what we did to engage us again, this time round for their daughter Lara.

As traffic can be erratic at the Causeway on weekends, Tunku Teh was really kind to arrange for transport both ways from Singapore and Malaysia. Thankfully, traffic was not as bad as we’ve anticipated, and we reached their residence on schedule. By then, some of the kids were already in the pool having a splash!

Thankfully the weather was kind, and the kids had a blast (pun somewhat intended), assisted in part to the water guns prepared beforehand. After the pool party, we were invited to join in the celebrations and helped ourselves to some scrumptious food and drinks, Malaysia-style!

Special thanks to Mazlan, who was our travel companion throughout our journey, and Tunku Teh for having us as part of the celebrations! Check out some pictures below!

“Thanks to the team, the games were well-organised and the kids all had fun!”

– Tunku Teh Mazni Yusuf, 19th March 2016