Ms Tang Shirin

Pebble Bay Residences, Singapore |

“The team oraganised a lovely time for the kids at my son’s 8th birthday party this year. I was truly impressed by how well the team handled the children, and somehow got them all to participate in the pool games in a safe and ordered way, while the children all had lots of fun.

Alan clearly has a natural instinct with children a wide range of ages, and was also very careful with their safety. I noticed that his team were unobstrusively assisting the children who are not as strong swimmers or were not as comfortable in the water, enabling them to confidently and actively participate in the games.

My son and his friends enjoyed themselves so much that we retained KidsPoolPartySg for our firm’s Family Day function in October this year, where they received equally rave reviews from the kids and parents alike. The parents were able to socialise with other adults with peace of mind that an experienced team was watching over their kids in the pool.

Highly recommended!” – 9 October 2017